Winning Your Wellness Back started out with a dream to raise up awareness in the community and bring families closer together while at the same time strengthening and supporting the individual and allowing them in turn to go on and fulfill their divine nature in life with integrity to themself and those around them.

One by one touching lives, finding balance and centering, we walked on our journey once alone but now together and on the way forming bonds and creating light and freedom where once was darkness and pain. Our philosophy of serving others creates a synergy inviting others to do the same in an effort to reach those who need our help who are perhaps in less fortunate circumstances at the time.

Winning Your Wellness Back Therapeutic Massage was first started in 2003 in Moses Lake, WA as a private therapeutic massage therapy office serving clients suffering from many different conditions from simple muscle tension, migraines and headaches, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, auto accident injuries,  crohns disease, loss of range of motion, pre- and post-surgical conditions, pregnancy, scar tissue, stress, and many others with very good results. Clients experience a wide variety of results, some of which can be seen on the testimonials page.

Winning Your Wellness Back moved to AZ in 2007 and will be having a grand re-opening March 1, 2010. This location will offer many more services than were previously offered at the Moses Lake’s original office and we hope that you will all enjoy the benfits of the website provided with additional products and services available once it is accessible this March.

The founder, Rebecca, has gone to great lengths to find and share some of the best products and services out there that she felt were beneficial to her for relaxation and now also nutrition and other subjects on her own journey and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we all have and find growth and added vitality in the areas you seek as you find you need just a little something extra for you or someone you care about. Upon seeing a lack of seminars available in the area she also decided to start having workshops on many various topics that would be beneficial not only to the massage therapy community but also to clients and the community. Her thought being that if we all just lift the community right where we stand and everyone else does the same with whatever talents and abilities they have then everyone benefits especially when things are tight with the economy and to prepare us against additional future occurances.

The main goal of the center is not to have clients reliant on the therapists but to have them take active part in their wellness process and where the therapists are merely facilitators assisting in your goals. We try to actively teach clients how to take charge of their wellness and learn to listen to their body “talk”.

Thank you for coming to visit us here and we are ever grateful for you.

May your journey be light, and your pathway filled with enough hills to exhilerate and challenge your soul but not to stop you from reaching your goals. Gentleness, kindness, and understanding are what we all deserve, including  and especially for ourselves.