Here is a little about my journey and how I found some of these treasures. To your wellness!


I have found that there are several companies that make really great products that I really like for different reasons and sometimes I have found that at one time I really need one more than another and it changes from time to time. One of the supplements I use are Mannatech Products and have seen great benefit to my health, and my family’s health. Once you started hearing our stories you wanted to know where you could get them so I’m writing a little blurb about them here.

I came down with strep throat coming home on a plane one Christmas and Mom introduced me to a couple of the products this company offers and having had strep many times before I knew it was going to be bad this time. I thought “There is no way, this little herb is going to help me, it’s coming on way too fast to even slow it down…” I knew I was going to be going to the doctor’s office first thing Monday morning but within about an hour or two I noticed that my throat was not hurting anymore. I couldn’t believe it! I went and looked at my throat and the redness was almost completely gone too. By the next day there was no trace that I had even had it. I now keep it in my emergency medicine cabinet all the time .

Another example is that my mother was going through menopause quite heavily and you ladies out there who suffer from it know what I mean – she had all the full blown symptoms – she not only noticed an improvement in her symptoms decreasing taking these products but a complete reversal, her eyes cleared up and became much brighter and she had a lot more energy and seemed happier than I had seen her in  a long time and even other things seemed to be clearing up too unrelated to her menopause. She was pretty happy about that!

Not too long after that my brother, who used to have really bad knees that would pop and hurt all the time getting up and sitting down made a comment to me about his situation. I asked him if he had tried some of the joint product this company has and after only 2 days on the product he now goes snowboarding down the mountain and other things that he never would have thought about doing before and his knees have not bothered him since!

I could go on and on with stories that I have personally witnessed and experienced and take up a lot of space but you get the idea. This is a really great company and their products are amazing and there is even a test you can take to see what metabolic type you are so you can make sure to pick out the products that would be the most beneficial for you but you have to be very honest with yourself and the test. Every once in a while I go retake it and sometimes my metabolic type has changed which helps me keep track of where my progress is at with my wellness and I love that!

After I discovered Mannatech Products I discovered another company that really complimented their products and was something that I really needed for my body and that was minerals. I just was not getting enough of them. A friend of our little family introduced us to them and I was skeptical, okay, I was really skeptical about it at first but since he was a friend I told him I would try it. A week or two later he called and I reluctantly admitted that I hadn’t remembered to try it out. I had caught my ankle in our screen door and cut it over the achilles tendon quite badly several months after having our first child previous to being introduced and it was not healing very quickly or well 2 months later  and I decided that maybe the minerals would help so I started taking them sporadically at first, very hit and miss on the days and didn’t really notice anything. I decided I needed to really put forth an honest effort with it to see if it would help at all and they told me that if I was under stress, over 40, or sick I would probably need to double the amount I was taking according to my body weight. I was not 40 but was definitely under a lot of stress I thought well, I must be sick if I who am normally a quick healer am having this problem with my foot not healing up hardly at all so I tried increasing it up to double over the next few days and to my amazement once I hit a little over double my recommended amount my ankle started itching and burning like crazy! It was healing and reknitting!!! In just a few days it healed more than it had over the previous months. I won’t get into all the gruesome details about it but it was really not pretty and I do have a cute little scar there to this day it was so deep. I look at it lovingly because it reminds me of a time I learned something so valuable that has already benefitted so many people that I have personally run across that needed these minerals too. I had read somewhere that vitamin E can be very helpful and started taking that too with it and the itching subsided but the healing continued on better than ever. I started trying out more of the company’s mineral products and my health continued to improve even more.

When I was in massage school for my Clinical Program one of my classmates wasn’t feeling well and I told her about the minerals and she got a sample from me and we helped her get some juice because she just seemed really dehydrated  and we couldn’t work on her like that in class. She later told me she ended up going to the emergency room later and getting hooked up to IV’s and pumped full of fluids over the weekend because she had let herself go too far and the doctors there told her that we had probably saved her life helping her get the juice and the electrolytes and that if she had not gotten in there when she did and getting those extra electrolytes and fluids in her she probably would not have made it in there alive even 30 minutes later. I run into her every once in a while and she still thanks me for that to this day.

Call me if you want more information about the minerals or would like help ordering them and I can help you get more information about their other products as well. I have seen so many amazing health benefits from it. I had so much more energy once I started taking them but it was a good kind of energy that does not leave you feeling buzzy or anything, just like you are having a really good energy day when you are taking the right amount.

I really like their sports drinks too. I think they taste as good if not better than the normal name brand drinks in the store, cost the same, but have way more electrolytes in them. I saw a test done on them to compare the electrolyte content between the big name brands, you know the two big ones in all the stores, and one big name brand’s company was actually almost sued for false advertising because their drink is pretty much a really fancy sugar drink and has no electrolytes at all but say they do. In fact it didn’t even light up the light bulb in the test at all. The other big name brand barely lit up the light bulb and I thought that was impressive that it could even do that but then the company I now use completely lit up the bulb so brightly that I had to shield my eyes. I could not believe the difference! Knowing that, I don’t buy or drink the store brand sports drinks anymore and they all cost the same!

I would even just put the minerals in my husband’s drinks for work before we knew about the sports drink since he worked doing masonry work outside in the heat all day on these huge million dollar homes at the time and he felt so much better coming home at the end of the day and had more energy to help out around the house instead of just dropping on the couch like a limp noodle with heat stroke every day. I’m telling you, it’s amazing stuff. I learned that there are a lot of different physical ailments that can be traced to a single mineral deficiency too and some of the things were pretty big deals that I would not have originally thought were things that could be helped. There is so much to nutritional balance and it is so important to our overall happiness I have noticed in my own life.