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“The first time I went in for a massage, I truly had no idea how life changing it would be. Through Rebecca’s inspired work I released physical and emotional burdens that held me back from reaching my full potential. These treatments can improve your quality of life and help you become more in tune with your body.” – Natalie Luttmer, Mrs. America 2017



“In my first session Rebecca picked up information from my body. She was exact. It helped me realize what was going on at a deeper level and the work released it and gave me greater awareness. She’s the only person to work on my back and totally take the hurt and discomfort away in one session. I’m very picky about who lays hands on me. She is gifted and very skilled. I highly recommend her. She is the BEST!”      – Jeanie Horsely, Life Coach



“I won my first gold medal in the 2010 World Championships in Krakow, Poland on Team USA! One month before my third competition I was looking to get an edge on my competition. I lost 23 pounds, had more energy, and dropped down two weight classes. Thanks, Rebecca, for your coaching and help!”                           

– Scott K. Garcia, 2010 Grappling World Champion




Attentive to patient’s care and determining what would work best for their situation

Rebecca's therapeutic skills are the best I have ever encountered. She is attentive to the patient's care and determining what would work best for their situation.

Kevin McCain Artist Owner at Kevin McCain Studios Mesa, AZ

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Amazing and sincere energy!

Rebecca has an amazing and sincere energy! Her energy enables trust and allows you to open yourself for healing. I have greatly benefited from her skill, knowledge, touch and intuition like many others. As a licensed massage therapist myself, she is who I choose to go to. Thanks, Rebecca!  :O}

N. T. Mesa, AZ

My kudos to Rebecca and the staff at Shelton Wellness Center!!

Shelton Wellness Center has been one of the best places for me to achieve overall health, both physically with nutritional guidance and massages and also emotionally where I was able to develop more of a balance between the physical and emotional. I've seen a big change and others have noticed positive changes in me too. As long as I am living in AZ I will continue to go to Shelton wellness center. It brings overall wellness and is definitely worth the money invested in the massage and other wellness products such as the fat detox wraps and suppliments. My kudos to Rebecca and the staff at Shelton Wellness Center!!

Regina S. Mesa, AZ

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Now I don’t have pain in that arm!

Rebecca helped to heal my shoulder that has given me pain for more than 30 years. Now I don't feel pain in that arm. It's a miracle that I don't have pain in my arm! I don't know how she did it!

Connie Ralon Mesa, AZ

Very professional and knowledgeable.

Very professional and knowledgeable. I have been struggling with my skin breaking out and the Dr's couldn't even give me a cure. Rebeca had me try some things I might need in my diet based on her assessment. I really did not believe it would work because the doctors told me I had an incurable skin disease but look at me now! my skin is clear and I have been making the changes for a few months now. My co workers were asking me what I did different. Everyone is noticing me in a positive way. I refer everyone I know to see her. Also she is phenomenal at what she does with the different types of massage she is great at Shiatsu and has saved me when I had a severely bad pinched nerve. Your Aces in my book!

Jessica L. Mesa, AZ

Brilliant Therapist

Rebecca is a brilliant therapist who uses her clinical experience and education to get the best results possible for her clients.

Michael S. Teacher

The Shelton Wellness Center was fantastic.

The Shelton Wellness Center was fantastic. After doing a medical evalution I received a massage for some pulled back muscles. I had been to the Chiropractor 3 times with no luck getting the muscles to relax back into place. After one 30 minute session. My back problem disappeared. I'm amazed!

Kevin M. Mesa, AZ

Works miracles through massage.

The best massage therapist I have ever visited. Works miracles through massage. Saved my back when I though it couldn't be fixed.

Kevin M. Mesa, AZ

Best help I could have ever received!

This place has been by far the best help I could have ever received! I went in to have a skin-ny massage and used the wraps and by the end of the 72 hours I had lost a total of nine inches from my abdomen area. I couldn't believe it, even when Rebecca showed me with a tape measure! I continue to go to Shelton wellness center because it is true to its name, its a place for overall wellness and well being. I continue to use the wraps and have continued to see overall improvement in my well being and have dropped down several dress sizes. I have only been going to Shelton Wellness Center for about two months but its time and money well spent. You definitely get what you pay for!

Regina S. Mesa, AZ

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wonderful message for me I loved it

Rebecca Did a wonderful message for me I loved it. Thanks so much for all your hard work and helping me. Wish I only had more money to get more messages. I'd be in every day!

Jessica T. Mesa, AZ