Member HEAL Thyself

by R. Shelton



R. Shelton received Professional and Clinical Training at UCMT, Top College in the Nation

Board Certified, Top of Her Industry, Well Known for Getting Results

This Book Reveals Her Most Effective Tips for Wellness Previously Only Shared with Her Clients.

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Can Your Dreams Become Reality; What If They Did?
Diagnosed Terminal, Broken, and Hopeless…
Learn To Overcome Your Greatest Tragedy. It’s Not What You Think!
This Journey Will Take You From the Deepest Sorrow to Hope, Humor, and Happiness
In 12 of the Most Difficult Steps You’ll Ever Undertake.
It Worked for Mrs. America, Renowned Life Coach, and Grappling World Champion
Heal Your Health, Overcome Your Deepest Fears, Find Your Potential.
Now Is the Time. It’s Your Turn To Begin!


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R. Shelton is a nationally licensed bodyworker, and an expert in the wellness industry. She specializes in clinical styled bodywork of many varieties. She is dedicated to results and living an example of wellness to her clients. She loves learning new things, collecting ideas, reading, cooking and sharing tasty recipes, dance and music, time with family and friends, and serving in her community.