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Member HEAL Thyself

by R. Shelton


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         One of the great bodyworkers of our time, R. Shelton was educated in Professional and Clinical training at the massage and bodywork college of UCMT. It is the top school in the nation for bodywork. She is also board certified, putting her at the top of her industry and is well known for getting results for her clients. R. Shelton is finally writing a book revealing some of her most effective tips for wellness that have only been shared previously with her clients.

Can your dreams become reality; what if they did? Diagnosed terminal, broken, and hopeless…Learn how to overcome your greatest tragedy. It’s not what you think! This journey will take you through the deepest sorrows to hope, humor, and happiness in 12 of the most difficult steps you’ll ever undertake. It worked for Mrs. America, Grappling World Champion, renowned Life Coach, and many others. Heal your health, overcome your deepest fears, and find your potential. Now is the time. It’s your turn to begin!


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“I had no idea how life changing it would be!…I released burdens and was able to reach my full potential.”

– Natalie Luttmer, 2017 Mrs. America



“Gifted and very skilled. Exact.

I highly recommend her. She is the BEST!”

 – Jeanie Horsely, Life Coach




“Before my competition I wanted an edge.

I lost 23 pounds, had more energy, and dropped down two weight classes.

I won my first Gold Medal. Thanks!

 – Scott K. Garcia, 2010 Grappling World Champion